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I was turned down for tax assistance because "my income did not decline", though declining income is not on their "quick checklist" that tells you whether or not you will qualify before you dive into this pit of wasted hours of paperwork. My income did go from $4000 the previous year to a whopping $6000 per year, but I wish I would have been told not to bother applying in the first place. More importantly the Stepforward rep did tell me that... Read more

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I have applied to Step Forward three (3) times. Each time I was denied. Of course, the first time it was "need more paper work"; second time CitiMortgage was the one to purposely not pass on the information to Step Forward within the five (5) day limit, it took them forty-two (42) days which of course, was pass the deadline to review the loan. I had to hire an attorney who obviously knew someone at either Step Forward OR CitiMortgage and they... Read more

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My experience with Step Forward Michigan has been a 3 year process of non productivity. In fact a former employee of Step Forward who now works for Oakland County was kind enough to tell me the truth about how applications are processed and declined based on the moods of the representatives at Step Forward. In addition, they do not really help those that need help which is the sole purpose of the program. The criteria which is supposedly set by... Read more

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I was wrongfully denied assistance through Step Forward. I feel that they are really not trying to assist homeowners who have experienced a loss of income. They requested that I submit death certificates, bank statements etc. After jumping through hoops I was still denied. Wow!

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I am behind 6 months on mortgage due to divorce and resulting loss of household income. Step Forward Michigan states that my divorce/loss of income is not a sufficient hardship because ex is on mortgage. Ex's unemployment is not a sufficient hardship because he does not live in the home. They have told me to add ex-husband to online application however when I try I get an error message stating that I have a pending application already. When... Read more

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Do these people really want to help? Very rude service , not willing 2 help!! My husband and I purchased our home in 2010 signed title/deed and notarized it, took to townships office and they have been billing us for property taxes since. Now step forward tells me deed hasn't been recorded , so I had it recorded . I didn't know I had 2 take deed 2 townships and court office now step forward says... Read more

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These people do need to be looked into i have sent in a ESCALATION REVIEW because the *** working on my case said i was making to much income recently, i only made 800 dollars in a month and that's before bills took a big chuck out of it, i would like to know who the *** qualify for this, if you don't make enough you don't qualify if you make to much you don't qualify. I know no one owes you anything when it comes to helping someone but why say... Read more

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My and I own a home that is now in foreclosure. I tried getting assistance through Step Forward and was denied. They said because my mother didn't file taxes they could not verify her income. I explained to them that my mother did not have enough earned income to file taxes. However, I sent proof of her SSI income. In the end they refused to assist.

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I lost my house of 60 years to foreclosure because I was unable to pay back property taxes. I am a senior citizen of 68 years of age. My entire immediate family is deceased. I have not been employed for a number of years. I tried on probably 4 separate occasions to get help with back property taxes through the Step Forward Michigan Program, and was denied each and every time. Now I have a landlady who purchased my house in October 2014 at the... Read more

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My home of 20 years is a mixed property. I live in the residence above 3 vacant and boarded up storefronts. The storefronts have been boarded for over 10 years due to lack of reasonable financing in Detroit. So this property is my HOME only...the store fronts are used as a basement to store lawn mowers garden tools etc. The programs mission as I understood it was to give a helping hand to those who had suffered a hardship such as death or... Read more

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